Wall Street Morgan Stanley to ban unvaccinated employees from entering offices

Unvaccinated employees of Morgan Stanley will have to continue to work remotely and will not be allowed to enter offices in New York

coronavirus vaccine

Unvaccinated staff and clients need to be prepared to get their coronavirus vaccine. The employees of the Wall Street giant Morgan Stanley will here after not be allowed to enter the New York offices if they are not fully vaccinated. People familiar with the matter have informed about the development. So the employees who have not yet been vaccinated will have to work remotely.

The new policy will come to effect from July, 2021 and aims to get rid of all the COVID related rules and restrictions. It was only last week when the chief executive of Morgan Stanley had asked the employees to return to the offices. Later an internal memo was issued that mentioned that from July 12, 2021, all the employees, visitors and clients need to provide proof of their vaccination if they have to access the Morgan Stanley buildings in New York City and Westchester.

With the move it can be noticed that the new policy will remove the restrictions in the offices of wearing face coverings or social distancing. For now the company is adopting an honor system, but later at some point, people will need to provide a proof of their vaccination status. The bank has already implemented the vaccine-only policy in some of the departments including wealth management and institutional securities. As the pandemic related restrictions are eased in the United States, companies are now looking forward to encourage the employees to return to the offices. A number of employees continue to work from home due to the fear of the virus.

Steps are being taken in an effort to improvise the economy which was severely affected due to the pandemic. The fresh memo issued by Morgan Stanley has encouraged the employees to get themselves vaccinated as soon as possible. It will be mandatory for the employees to get themselves vaccinated but there could be exceptions due to religious or medical reasons.

Photo Credits: Pixabay