Aldi ditches usage of single-use plastic by end of 2021

Aldi for its own-brand tea bags will no longer be using single-use plastic by the end of 2021


Supermarket chain Aldi has announce that it is all set to impose a ban on the single-use plastic from all of its own-brand tea bags in the stores in UK By the end of 2021. The recent announcement is a part of their initiative to reduce the usage of plastic in the next four years. Aldi is known as one of the popular budget supermarket in the US and competes with some of the big names in the segment including Morrison’s, Tesco, Asda, and Lidl.

It was in 2020 when the retailer had pledged that it would half its usage of plastic for packaging by 2025. This would mean that it would reduce the use of nearly 74,000 tonnes of plastic that is made for packing products. The supermarket will be switching to oil based packaging for its tea bags which will help to make its tea bags 100 percent biodegradable. But that will be approved after a number of trials.

Moreover Aldi has also assured that it will be removing the outer plastic packaging of its own-brand tea bag products. The move by Aldi will help to remove nearly 1.4 billion pieces of single-use plastic that is expected to prevent nearly 80 tonnes of plastic from reaching the landfills. Plastics and Packaging Director at Aldi UK, Richard Gorman assured that by the end of the year 2021 all the own-brand tea bags will be biodegradable and will not have any plastic content.

Gorman added that the changes that they have made to their tea bags range will drastically reduce the impact on the environment and will also offer the customers more environmental friendly options when they shop at Aldi. The giant had pledged to be carbon neutral since January 2019. It is also planning to make all of its own-label products as recyclable, compostable or reusable by 2022. The same is expected to be done with its branded products by 2025.

Photo Credits: Pixabay