Signs of COVID-19 infection pregnant women should not ignore

Pregnant women need to be extra careful when it comes to being careful from getting infected of COVID-19


The coronavirus pandemic time is a tough time for people and poses a greater risk for women who are expecting a baby. While planning a pregnancy during this time would not be a great idea, but those who have already done, they need to watch out and remain careful of protecting themselves and the baby. In order to remain safe, they need to be aware of the early signs of COVID-19 if they have contracted it. This will allow them to catch the virus early and get treated before their condition becomes serious.

1. Cough or body aches – Beware of any cough or body aches that you might be experiencing. It could be a sign of the virus infecting the body.

2. Chills – Also watch out for chills running down the body or a sore throat.

3. Abdominal pain – it is not essential that the person might not have the usual symptoms like fever and shortness of breath. Abdominal pain could also be a reason of the infection.

4. After delivery – Some patients do not show any symptoms and develop fever after they have delivered the baby. The doctors continue to remain confused about how the virus behaves in different people. Post-delivery if you develop fever, it is better to isolate yourself and get treated as soon as possible.

5. Asymptomatic – It has been noticed that a number of COVID-19 patients who are pregnant do not show any symptoms but experience a very light fever. So if you experience even the slightest fever, then you should get yourself tested as soon as possible and get in touch with your doctor immediately.

Tip – Also keep a watch on the movements of the baby. You should have minimum of 5 kicks in an hour that assures that the baby is doing well. But if the number reduces, it is recommended to get in touch with the doctor. It is also important for pregnant women to get vaccinated to avoid any severity.

Photo Credits: Pixabay