Importance of wearing a mask during the coronavirus pandemic

Wearing a mask during the coronavirus pandemic helps to protect in a number of ways


The coronavirus pandemic started off in December 2019 and since then has been giving sleepless nights to the governments across the world. Wearing a mask has become a new normal during this phase and it has a meaning to it. COVID-19 is a respiratory disease and the nose and the mouth need to be protected as this could be the way the virus could enter the system. Here we will be discussing about the importance of wearing a mask during the pandemic.

1. Protects others from catching the infection – When a person is infected from coronavirus, they are contagious and could infect others around them. But wearing a mask limits the possibility of infecting others. This happens the other way as well. Wearing a mask also protects the person from others who could be infected. You could also come across a person who might be infected but is asymptomatic.

2. Helps to reduce the possibility of community transmission – If there are more people wearing a mask at a place, the possibility of community transmission is reduced. This could bring down the possibility of community transmission to a certain extent.

3. It helps to contain the spread – After the number of cases begin to drop, each person can wear a mask, follow social distancing and practice hygiene. When such mass efforts are taken by people it helps to reduce the number of cases. People who stay at home also help to contribute towards spreading the virus.

4. Helps to save lives – Different people have different immunity levels and wearing one can protect such people from being infected. Wearing a mask helps to keep the person safe and it does not become severe. If the people remain at home, the virus does not mutate further.
Following the basic rules of COVID-19 helps to a greater extent to remain safe.

Photo Credits: Pixabay