United Airlines to mandate COVID-19 vaccinations for employees

United Airlines said it will not be hiring people who do not get themselves the COVID-19 vaccination

united airlines

There is still a group that continues remain adamant about taking the coronavirus vaccine. It is known by all that taking the coronavirus vaccine would help to bring an end to the pandemic across the globe. The thought is now also encouraged by the United Airlines as it has announced that it will no longer hire employees who have not been vaccinated.

The carrier started off by issuing a memo to its employees and said that as they welcome the new employees they would like to instill the strong commitment to safety. The statement added that all the external candidates for the U.S. based jobs will need to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19. The order would be effective for all the offers that have been made after June 15, 2021. The new employees will need to upload their vaccination cards on the system of United Airlines within seven days of their joining.

United Airlines is following the suit of Delta Airlines which implemented the same policy in May, 2021. Their policy too requires the new candidates to be vaccinated. The Delta Airlines has also called the jabs as safe, effective and essential for the future of the airline and the world. Scott Kirby, the CEO of the United Airlines in the month of January had hinted that it could join others in terms of mandating the vaccinations for the employees. The airline had then also said that it is the right thing to do for themselves and other airlines as well.

Kirby while talking to a leading daily said that they also need to show some leadership in the healthcare industry. On the other hand the other airlines in the US have clarified that they do not have any intensions to make the vaccinations mandatory for its employees. A spokesperson from American Airlines said that they are encouraging their team members to get vaccinated and are also offering incentives for people who do it.

Photo Credits: Pixabay