World Oceans Day – Small initiatives that can be taken by individuals for a healthy ecosystem

This World Ocean’s Day let us all pledge to keep our oceans clean and safe to create a healthy ecosystem

world oceans day

It is known by the world that the oceans are being abused by dumping stuff that could be consumed by the inhabitants. June 8 is observed as the World Oceans Day and it is important to create awareness about taking initiatives to promote a healthy environment. Here are some little ways that can help to keep the oceans clean and also help people to be educated about it.

1. Learn about it yourself – Before you gear up to educate others, it is first important to educate yourself. There is plenty of information available online and a number of books available on what exactly is happening to the oceans. The marine life needs to be conserved and protected. Once you are aware of what exactly is happening, you can be confident about educating and spreading the word to others.

2. Cut your usage of plastic – As far as possible, avoid using single-use plastic which ultimately goes to the oceans and harm the plants and the marine life. Try recycling plastic bags or use bags made of cloth or paper. These can be recycled easily.

3. Do not litter at the beach – When at the beach, you might have a great time having fun, but just make sure that you don’t litter at the beach and make efforts to dispose off unwanted things in a proper way by using a public dustbin.

4. Volunteer for beach clean-ups – There are a number of organizations across the globe that make efforts and organize beach cleaning sessions. You can volunteer in such activities and contribute your efforts.

5. Educate others – Apart from not littering at the beach or any public place yourself, it is also important to educate people if they are doing something like that. If you see a person littering, it is your job to make them realize and educate them. Each one of us can make efforts to keep the place clean and use proper ways of disposing unwanted things.

Photo Credits: Pixabay