Reasons for irregularities in periods during COVID-19 lockdown

A number of women during the COVID-19 lockdown time noticed a change in their periods


Lockdowns introduced by a number of nations across the globe due to the pandemic has increased the stress levels of people. Thousands of people have become jobless and a number of businesses are also struggling. Stress can lead to the body to respond in a different way. Even women could face certain irregularities in their periods. Women across the globe have faced irregular periods during the lockdown and here could be some of the reasons behind it.

1. Increase in weight – The lockdown forced a number of people to remain at home. A number of employees were allowed to work from home which reduced the activity levels. With the gyms closed and restrictions to go outside, not many people indulged in home workouts. As a result, people especially women faced an increase in weight. Increase in body fat affects the hormones that help to regulate the menstrual cycle.

2. Irregular sleep patterns – With lack of activity, many people found it tough to fall asleep in the night. As a result the circadian rhythm of the body was affected. Many people also indulged in watching long lasting web series from a number of OTT platforms. The blue light from phones and TVs affects the sleep patterns leading to irregularities in periods.

3. Increase in stress levels – While stress was always a part , but the lockdown increased the stress levels. This releases cortisol in the body and that impacts the hormones that lead to ovulation. This could lead to a delay or shorter period cycle.

4. Lack of proper medical guidance – The COVID-19 pandemic induced fear in a number of people. The disease continues to be infectious, due to which a number of people feared to visit a hospital or a doctor for consult. But times have changed and you could still remain in touch with your doctors through online consults. Any smallest scare could be addressed soon.

Photo Credits: Pixabay