Ways to make a COVID-19 infected person feel better

People infected with COVID-19 have to remain isolated for a long time due to its contagiousness and this could delay the healing time


Times are tough due to the coronavirus pandemic. Gone are the days when you can make a person feel better with a hug or offering a shoulder to dry. The COVID-19 virus is extremely contagious and is airborne due to which it is important to maintain social distancing or you might end up infecting yourself. When a person gets infected, he/she has to be isolated and needs to spend the next two weeks in complete isolation without anyone’s touch. If you are dealing with a person who is under home isolation or at the hospital while healing from COVID-19, here are a few ways you can help to make them feel better.

1. Video call them – Technology is there to the rescue always. Video calls have become common and easy. Almost everyone knows how to make one and it makes them feel near and wanted. A video call will help the people to communicate with expressions and also give them a better idea of the patient’s condition.

2. Play online games – Lockdown was the time when a number of people discovered online games as entertaining. So what if you cannot have a rendezvous, you can play an online game. Challenge each other and get engaged.

3. Keep checking on them – Being alone and healing on their own can be tough. But keeping a constant check on them can help them in some way. Make frequent calls to them but make sure that they don’t get irritated.

4. Encourage them mentally – Being alone inside a room or in a hospital where you are surrounded by only sick patients and chaos, does not help in healing at all. This is the time when they would need to be consoled and encouraged. Make sure that you keep talking to them about healing or just crack jokes and remember some good memories.

COVID-19 patients tend to be irritable due to the circumstances that they are put in. It is important to handle their mental and physical health in the best way.

Photo Credits: Pixabay