Ways to keep your storeroom well-organized

Storeroom can be a place with plenty of clutter but a few ways can make this space organized as well


When you think of a storeroom, all you think of is clutter. It is a place where you keep extra stuff or unwanted stuff that you do not immediately need. Most of the time this place is ignored as you tend to just dump the stuff. But when you actually need a few things after a long time, it becomes a task to find one think from the big stack. It becomes no less than finding a needle from a hay stack. Here we will be discussing about a few simple and easy ways to keep your storeroom organized. So next time you will not be facing any tough time finding the stuff you need.

1. Use a pegboard – A peg board is a utility board on the wall that has several holes in a pattered manner. It helps you to organize the stuff in the easiest way. It also helps to save space and you can also find the things easily without the need to fish out.

2. Make use of labels – If you have filled boxes and containers which are opaque, you can label them and write down the things that the box contains. So next time you need to find a thing, you just have to read the label instead of opening the box and going through the stuff manually. This will mark effective organizing in your store room.

3. Divide the space in segments – Have a different space for the holiday decorations, electrical stuff, tool box plumbing stuff and more. Do not stuff random stuff anywhere. In this way you will be able to find the right thing at the right place and you will not have to hunt the entire space for a small thing.

4. Have shelves – Where ever, you get a space, you can add shelves that makes storage easy and organized. You can also add shelves inside a cupboard and make use of every little corner.

Photo Credits: Pixabay