Ways to keep your working space at home colorful and interesting

Work from home can be boring for many but a few interesting ideas can make your space colorful


The world has become a very different space amidst the pandemic. Gone were the days when the offices saw busy cubicles with a pile of files and stationary scattered everywhere. Office gossip and coffee break with colleagues is something people might be missing now as majority of people are now confined to their homes as they are working from home. Life when you are working from home is different as you no longer are a part of the hustle and bustle of the office. This might make you depressed and might also affect your efficiency. But there are a few ways that can brighten up your work space at home and make it more interesting and colorful.

1. Use colorful stationary – Instead of the boring black and white themed stationary like pencils, white papers, notebooks and diaries, you can bring in some colorful items including color paper to make things exciting and happy. This will help you to keep your mind happy and will also maintain your energy levels.

2. Bring in some interesting accessories – Get rid of the boring laptop and computer accessories and get in some interesting accessories like a colorful mouse-pad, a bright coloured mouse, a colorful laptop cover. You can also bring in some interesting gadgets that you can use them on an everyday basis.

3. Have posters around – Make your work space at home interesting by adding a number of posters. They can be of motivational or funny phrases. Make sure that you put on posters that actually make you feel good and also help to improve your efficiency.

4. Use a footrest and a rug – When you are working at home, make sure that you are in the most comfortable and cozy space. A footrest will help to minimize the pressure on your feet as you sit on the chair for hours together. A rug will help to keep your feet warm.

Photo Credits: Pixabay