Food items you should keep handy for a rushed breakfast

When you are in a rush, a few food items come as a life saver for a quick breakfast


Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and should never be missed. But a number of times, it becomes a task as to decide what to make. The morning time is already rushed for a number of people and it would be convenient if the breakfast would be something that is assembled with ease. Here are a few food items that you can keep handy at home so you spend minimum time in the kitchen.

1. Bread – A fresh loaf of bread can never go wasted. It can be had with your morning coffee, milk or tea. You could also make a quick veggie sandwich and cheese. Bread is very versatile and goes along with almost anything. When you wake up sleepy and are running late a quick sandwich can be a time saver.

2. Chocolate spread – This is for all the chocolate lovers and a good and mushy spread of chocolate spread on a warm and crisp bread is the best and quick breakfast that you can have. Also add some melted butter to the bread and it will taste like heaven.

3. Fresh juices – Fresh juice can be a great way to begin your morning. It is better to have a fruit juice than coffee or tea on an empty stomach. A glass of fresh juice can be a great combination with a sandwich.

4. Milk –Milk is something that is very staple and you should never run out of it. It could be added to your cereal or for your coffee. Milk can also be a great ingredient for a few smoothies.

5. Peanut butter – When there is nothing that you can think of, there is no better way to start 7our day with a yummy peanut butter sandwich. Always keep peanut butter handy.

6. Eggs – Eggs are basic and there is nothing better or filling than a nice and fluffy omelet or a poached egg for breakfast. They are easy and quick to make.

Photo Credits: Pixabay