Signs that your body has too much of estrogen

Too much of estrogen in the body can show a few side effects


Estrogen which is also known as Oestrogen is a hormone that helps in the development of the female reproductive system. Certain amount of it is required for the proper functioning of the reproductive system, but when it becomes excess, then it can start showing a few signs, which if ignored could be problematic and could need medical attention. But rest assured, because here we will be discussing about some of the signs that women can observe, if the estrogen levels elevate.

1. Fluid retention – When the body begins to have more estrogen than it is required, then it will start to retain fluid and this could lead to some side effects like weight gain. Women might also experience swelling in their ankles which is also a sign of water retention. Consult a doctor if you notice such signs.

2. Feeling bloated – There could be times when you feel filled up and bloated every time you eat something. You might also constantly feel unpleasant due to the gas formation in the stomach. This could be a sign that your blood stream has too much if estrogen.

3. Breast lumps – A few times you might feel like you are having a lump in your breasts that were not there before. It could also be a sign of excess estrogen and a lump in the breast should always be reported to the doctor.

4. Headaches – Headaches which are caused due to a rise in estrogen levels are not the usual ones, but are severe. Such headaches might prevent you from undertaking your everyday work.

5. Fatigue – Constant feeling of fatigue is not a good sign. If you feel tired and feel like sleeping from morning to night, then it is time you consult a doctor.

6. Mood swings – Although mood swings are common, but when it seems like too much than normal then it could be a signal that your body has too much o9f estrogen and you need to visit your OB-GYN.

Photo Credits: Pixabay