Earth Day 2021 – Ways to observe the day and deal with climate change

It is everyone’s responsibility and duty to contribute towards the planet on The Earth Day

earth day

April 22, is when the Earth Day is observed across the globe. It is to mark the significant changes which are essential to save the planet and restore the wildlife. Since it is the day to observe for the well-being of our planet, here are a few things that you can do to observe the day in the best way possible.

1. Plant a tree– This is one of the best things that you can do for the planet. Planting a tree helps to save the planet conserve the environment. Trees provide oxygen and food and also help to absorb the carbon dioxide. Even if one person plants one tree, this planet would be a beautiful place to live.

2. Say yes to solar energy –Solar energy is the radiance and heat that is received from the sun, It is available in abundance and its energy can be stored and converted in to thermal. There are a number of companies and individuals who have already adopted the technology and is also economical.

3. Bring down the consumption of fish – High demand for fish can lead to overfishing that can affect and destruct the food chain of the marine life. This can also lead to a climate change and will also empty the oceans which could lead to catastrophic events. The planet cannot survive without the oceans.

4. Use bicycles – You can make use of bicycles as they are ecofriendly especially when you are expected to travel to short distances. It helps to reduce the carbon emissions while the vehicles release plenty of carbon in to the atmosphere.

5. Get used to minimalism – Minimalism is just like it sounds. It means you should own less stuff at home and only the items that you need. This helps to reduce the impact on the planet. You just have to buy less stuff and live with only the things that you need.

Photo Credits: Pixabay