3 Common mistakes you commit while washing your hair

Washing hair is a regular and easy process but a few mistakes can be unhealthy for the hair


Washing your hair is a very vital process that has to be done on a regular basis, especially for those who have long hair. While washing hair helps to remove all the dirt and pollutants on the hair, it also helps to nourish the hair to allow it to have a healthy growth. However, a number of people follow the wrong method while washing their hair. Certain habits could actually do more of damage than good for the hair. Here are a few things you should avoid while washing your hair.

1. Detangling dry hair – Many people have the habit of detangling their hair, after it has dried out. This is the wrong way as the best time to detangle your hair is when it is wet. You can use a wide-toothed comb and can be combed when you are applying the hair conditioner. The wide-toothed comb helps to be gentle on the hair knots. Combing on dry hair can lead to damage the split ends.

2. Washing hair with hot water – It is always pleasant to have a hot water bath, especially during the winter season. Although it could be relaxing for you, but the habit is certainly not good for the hair. Hot water takes away all the natural oils from the scalp and also leaves the cuticles open. Frequently washing your hair with hot water can damage the scalp and the hair with split ends. It is best to use cold water, water at room temperature or luke warm water for washing your hair.

3. Leaving the conditioner for too long – Everyone already knows that the conditioner needs to be applied on the hair length only. Apart from that the conditioner should not be left on the hair for too long. The fact is that the conditioner is designed to work almost instantly and has an immediate effect. So one does not have to leave it on the hair for a long time for better results.

Photo Credits: Pixabay