6 Easy tips to help grow your nails faster

A few tips can help you to keep your nails healthy and grow faster


Nail trend has become common and growing long and strong nails are surely not easy. They take a long time to grow and if the person does not get proper nutrition then they can get easily chipped. If you want your nails to grow faster and remain healthy, here are a few tips that you can follow.

1. Do not trim but file – A number of people have the impression that trimming the nails helps them to be stronger ad grow faster, but the fact is you just need to file them and let them be as they are. Do not tamper your nails too much.

2. Maintain healthy cuticles – Cuticles are the ones that provide protection for the nails and have a crucial role to play in the growth of nails. Make sure that you keep your nails nourished and moisturized. You can also make use of cuticle oil that is easily available in the market.

3. Skip nail hardeners – Many people have an impression that nail hardeners make them stronger. But the fact is that they do more damage than good. To make sure you want your nails to grow faster, you can skip the nail hardeners.

4. Keep moisturizing hands and nails – Since it is the pandemic time, not many people focus on moisturizing hands after washing hands often. Make sure that you moisturize your hands and nails at the same time after washing your hands to keep the moisture intact. There are a number of hand creams that can be beneficial for moisturizing.

5. Do not skip the base coat – While you are applying a nail color, do not skip the base coat. A good base helps to prevent the nail from becoming weak and helps it to grow faster.

6. Exfoliate – Just like your skin, even your nails need some exfoliation as it helps them to remain healthy and strong.

Photo Credits: Pixabay