6 Tips to organize your laundry duties

Doing the laundry can be pain in the neck, but a few tips can make the task easy


Doing the laundry is the most dreaded task for anyone. It is dreaded by especially those who take out the task once in a week and spend hours doing the same work. But there are a few easy and simple tips that could be applied to make this weekly task easy and effortless.

1. Have a laundry cabinet or a basket – Having a laundry cabinet or a basket allows you to collect the things in a single place instead of searching them in different cabinets and closets. Make sure that everyone drops the clothes for washing at the laundry cabinet or basket and you will not have to wander at different places.

2. Classify the cloths as per their color – Make sure that you separate the light/white color clothes to avoid any stains on the white clothes. Make sure that you don’t mix any of the color clothes with the white/light clothes.

3. Label everything – Be it the detergent, fabric conditioner, gentle detergents and other products, make sure to label them and keep them at a single place and organized. When they are at the single place, you will not have to wander at different places.

4. Assign separate bags for different clothing – make sure that you have separate bags for some of the delicate clothing like undergarments, socks or other items which are prone to be damaged when tossed in the washing machine or dryer.

5. Run your machine on quick wash – When the clothes do not need much of washing, you can run your machine on a quick mode which will allow the cleaning process to finish quickly. This will save a lot of your time and water.

6. Empty load soon after the session completes – Emptying the load soon after the washing session completes, allows you to finish the task quickly and also saves the clothes from smelling if they are left for a longer time.

Photo Credits: Pixabay