What is a mental breakdown and ways to deal with it

Mental breakdown is a mental problem that a number of people face due to different reasons

mental breakdown

Mental disorders have become common these days mainly due to the growing lifestyle changes and the constant stress that youngsters and other people have to go through. This is a phase when a normal person is unable to do their everyday work and the feeling of incompleteness keeps bothering them making their condition worse. Some people call this as anxiety, depression or acute stress disorder. Thankfully, the medical community do not use such terms as it refers to a wide range of symptoms. Here are a few things that you need to know about what mental breakdown actually means.


Symptoms of a nervous breakdown could also include feeling of nervousness with thoughts of suicide. The person could also experience anxiety with a spike in blood pressure. Some of the other symptoms could include nausea, dizziness, upset stomach or insomnia without any reason. In some cases, the person could also have hallucinations, panic attacks, paranoia or certain flashbacks of a few traumatic events in the past.


There could be a number of reasons for a nervous breakdown. It could be due to stress of excessive work responsibilities without any break or a recent traumatic event in the family. Some chronic medical conditions that continue to exist , despite going through a number of medical treatments. Financial stress or some major changes in life or even poor sleep patterns could also be one of the major reasons.

How to deal with it

It is always better to approach a therapist who makes you feel good and listens who all that you are going through. Alternatively you can also opt for a massage therapy or yoga. It is also wise to cut caffeine and alcohol consumption from your every day routine. Maintaining a healthy sleep routine also helps to deal with the symptoms of a nervous breakdown. Another effective way of dealing with the problem is to start counting backwards from ten and breathing deeply.

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