5 Myths that are related to clarified butter

Clarified butter is great for health but there are a number of myths related to be that should be busted

clarified butter

Clarified butter of ghee is one of the healthy oils that comes from cow’s milk. It has a number of nutrients and can be added to your everyday diet that helps to remain healthy. But not many people are aware if its goodness and have misconceptions about the food. Here are a few misconceptions that are related to clarified butter that everyone should be aware of.

1. Clarified butter is tough to digest – Ghee or clarified butter contains natural butyric acid and can promote a good immune response that will lower the inflammation. It also supports proper digestion of food. Since it also helps in regulating the bowel movements, it helps people who have constipation issues.

2. Ghee leads to weight gain – A number of people who are conscious about their weight assume that it increases the overall body weight. But that is not true as it has conjugated linoleic acid that actually support weight loss. Adding a spoonful of ghee to the food will help to burn the stubborn fat on the waistline, thighs and hips.

3. IT is not good for heart patients – Clarified butter contains Vitamins A,E,D along with a number of anti-oxidants. It actually protects the heart from a number of ailments and helps to reduce unhealthy cholesterol levels and also prevents the deposition of calcium formation in the arteries.

4. It can be toxic for overall health – The fact is that consumption of clarified butter in moderate levels improves the carcinogen detoxification which helps to reduce the chances of cancer growth. It in fact also helps to balance the glucose levels and improves the production of insulin.

5. Cooking in clarified butter can be bad for health – High temperature points prevents the goods fats from turning in to free radicals that can lead to inflammation and could also lead to cardiac health issues. Ghee has a high smoke point when compared to many oils and is actually the safest medium for cooking and also a great option for deep frying.

Photo Credits: Pixabay