Meghan Markle can now choose to ignore some of the rules of the royal family

There are a few royal protocols that members of the family need to follow, but Meghan Markle can now ignore these

meghan markle

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are no longer a part of the Royal family, which means that they are not exempted from a number of rules. The Royal family members are mandated to follow certain set of rules which are related to their wearing, children and other family related factors. Meghan who is a former Hollywood actress also gave up a number of things to be a part of the Royal family. But now she and husband Prince Harry are leading an independent life away from Great Britain in the United States. Here are a few rules of the royal family she can choose to ignore now.

1. No need for shorts for son Archie – The royal protocol says that young boys of the royal family need to wear shorts in public while the young princesses have to wear smock dresses for royal events and gatherings. But Meghan and Harry’s son Archie might not have to follow such a protocol hereafter.

2. No need for baptism – Queen Elizabeth II of the head of the Church of England and the relation between the British Royalty and the Church has been since the 16th century. Every member of the royal family has to be baptized. Son Archie has already been baptized as then they were the members of the family, but with their second child they might not need to do it.

3. Teaching children a foreign language is not mandatory – Children of the royal family need to learn a foreign language as it can come handy anytime. But now it will be optional for Meghan and Harry’s son Archie.

4. Homemade baby food can be experimented with – The members of the royal family members are prohibited from eating some of the foods like garlic and shellfish. But with Archie, Meghan and Harry are free to experiment with the baby food.

5. No need to have a compulsory nanny – All the royal children need to compulsorily have a nanny by their side. That is because of the wide range of responsibilities, some extra help is provides and is mandatory. But with Meghan it is not mandatory to have a help.

Photo Credits: Pixabay