7 Unhealthy habits that can lead to thinning of hair

Some of the unhealthy habits are not good for the overall health of the hair


Hair thinning is a very common problem which is faced by women as well as men these days. It is mostly due to the hectic and busy lifestyle of many people that is responsible. Most of the time people do not have time to take care of themselves and often ignore selfcare. Many times there are also certain habits that are not just unhealthy but also contribute to thinning of hair. Here are a few habits that can cause hair thinning.

1. No scalp massages– The scalp has the roots of the hair that need timely nutrition. It is important to treat your scalp regularly with oil massages. The oil provides the nutrition the hair needs for a healthy growth. In absence of such nutrition, the hair might not get enough growth and could lead to hair thinning.

2. Using hot water to wash hair – It is wise to use luke warm or water at normal temperature to wash your hair. It is indeed cozy to indulge in a hot water bath, but it is only going to damage the hair follicles and will also lead to dryness. The scalp will become dry and lead to dandruff.

3. Excessive usage of hot tools for hair styling – Some of the hair styling tools like hot hair dryers, hair straighteners and curlers make your hair look great for the occasion, but they do more damage. It is advisable to make use of such tools once in a while and nor regularly.

4. Coloring and bleaching – Colors and bleaches used for hair contain a number of harsh chemicals. They damage the hair follicles and prevent the natural growth.

5. Exposure to sun and pollution – Your hair needs to be protected from the sun and pollution. Harmful UV Rays can make the hair brittle and could lead to breakage.

6. Smoking – Excessive smoking can reduce the circulation of blood around the body and that could deprive the hair follicles of oxygen and essential nutrients.

Photo Credits: Pixabay