Weight loss and fitness tips for new mothers

New mothers often struggle with weight loss post pregnancy, but a few tips can make it a cake walk

new mothers

Pregnancy is the most beautiful yet the most challenging phase for every woman. Due to the massive hormonal changes, women under this phase undergo big physical changes that includes weight gain. A number of women often struggle to bring down their weight post pregnancy as they are new to motherhood. But for all those new mothers here are a few easy tips that could be followed for weight loss post pregnancy.

1. Recommended exercises – Women post pregnancy can opt for some of the exercises like swimming, water aerobics, yoga and brisk walking. These put a good impact on the physique and also help towards weight loss.

2. Increase your intensity – Once you have moved on from the vicinity of your doctor, you can go ahead and increase the intensity of the pelvic and abdominal exercises.

3. Do not rush on equipments – Some of the gym equipments like the elliptical machine and the stationary bike at the gym need to be taken slow at first. You can gradually increase the intensity.

4. Opt for gentle yoga – If you want to take it slow and steady, you can opt for yin yoga or restorative yoga. One has to remember that not all yoga forms are suitable for the new mothers so make sure that you do enough research.

5. Gain strength first – Unless you gain enough strength in the muscles, make sure that you avoid doing exercises like crunches and sit-ups.

6. Beware of the correct posture and balance – if needed, make sure that you maintain the correct posture that will help you to gain strength in your abdominal muscles and pelvic area.

7. Select exercises as per your – strength level and rate of recovery. You could do aerobics or people who do not want to be harsh on their bodies could opt for a gentle form of yoga.

Tip – Apart from the above tips, it is also advisable to maintain a healthy diet, plenty of fluids and enough sleep.

Photo Credits: Pixabay