5 Feng shui tips for a bathroom free of negativity

A bathroom needs to have a good feng shui which helps it to save from negativity


Bathrooms are one of the most neglected places in the house. This is a place where the members of the family clean themselves so not much attention is given to this place and is often overlooked. But in the current era, people are now slowly started to give attention to thee spaces and have also started to decorate to make it look comfortable and stylish. While decorating the bathroom is a great option, it is also important to create good feng shui in it. It is an ancient practice that helps to create positivity in the space. Here are a few tips you can follow to optimize the flow of energy in your bathroom.

1. Have a habit of keeping the toilet seat and the bathroom door closed –It is important to keep the water element in the bathroom away from the rest of the house. For that it is important to keep the toilet seat closed and the bathroom door closed. It helps to create good feng shui.

2. Add plants – Adding plants to the bathroom will add some greenery and will also give a positive effect as a natural element has been introduced in the area.

3. Add a mirror – Mirrors have the tendency to make the space look bigger. You can hang a mirror on the door of the bathroom and that will help to distract people from the space and remove all the negative energy that is associated with it.

4. Save water – Have a habit of saving and conserving water. One of the main reason is that the bathroom is seen as a place where the negative energy as it signifies washing away of resources. So conserving water, will counteract with negative energy.

5. Keep it clean – Make sure that you don’t have clutter in the bathroom and as far as possible, keep the place clean. This will minimize the negativity in the space.

Photo Credits: Pixabay