Effective home remedies for brittle nails

Brittle nails can be treated with the help of a couple of easy home remedies

brittle nails

Just like your skin, even your nails need some attention. If they become brittle and dry, it is time that you realize that they are lacking some nutrition. This is why having a healthy diet is important. Brittle nails is a common problem but it can be solved with the help of a few home remedies. Although there are gel nails that can be replaced with the help of a manicure at home but that does not solve the problem of brittle nails. Here are a couple of remedies that can be effective in treating brittle and weak nails.

1. Lemon soak – Usage of lemons for beauty purpose has been a question mark since many years. Due to its acidic nature, it does not suit everyone. But when it comes to the nails, it is surely effective and does wonders. It is the acidic content that helps to brighten the nails and also removes any stains. It gives them strength as it contains vitamin C in abundance. You have to just take a slice of lemon and rub it on the nails directly or with the help of some cotton. This can be repeated every other day for at least 5 minutes and your nails will be strengthened in no time.

2. Petroleum jelly with Vitamin E – There are cases when the cuticles get dried and that would hint that the nails are not getting enough moisture and that could also be the reason of breakage of nails. Petroleum jelly is already known to be great for the skin and it works wonders for the nails as well. You need to take some petroleum jelly and mix 2-3 capsules of vitamin E to it. The mixture can be applied directly to the cuticles but avoid the nails. The remedy can be done at the night before going to bed. You will be able to see the difference in just two months.

Photo Credits: Pixabay