Effective home remedies to get rid of darkened lips

Dark lips look unpleasant but a few home remedies can help to reduce the darkness

dark lips

Lips are one of the most sensitive portions of the body. They can be prone to hyperpigmentation where the lips can become dark. Although it is a very common problem it looks unpleasant and a number of people have to hide it with a lip color or a tinted lip balm. The good news is that there are indeed ways to reduce the pigmentation of the lips with the help of a few simple home remedies.

1. Rose petals – Not many are aware that rose petals can be useful and beneficial for reducing the pigmentation of the lips. Before they call off they can be brought to use by soaking a few of them overnight in milk. The next day, grind them to make a paste and apply it directly to the lips and rinse it off after 15 -20 minutes. This can be done everyday as the milk helps to moisturize the skin and the essential oils in the rose petals repair the dark lips.

2. Beetroot – Beetroot has a natural red tinge to it and makes everything pink. You just need to slice a piece of it and rub on the lips twice a day. Alternatively, you can also extract the juice of beetroot and mix it with honey and apply it to the lips. You can also go to bed with the mixture on the lips and wash if off in the morning. You will notice a gradual improvement with each passing day.

3. Milk and turmeric – Turmeric has properties that can lighten the spots on the skin. Mix a few drops of milk to a pinch of turmeric to make a paste. The mixture can be applied to the lips and leave it for 15 minutes. Wash off with luke warm water to restore your pink lips. Milk helps to hydrate the lips and also helps to remove the dead skin cells.

Photo Credits: Pixabay