5 Essentials to carry when you are travelling during the pandemic

Travelling during the pandemic comes with risks but carrying a few essentials can be handy and helpful


The coronavirus pandemic continues but the desire for travelling among the travellers remains the same. There are a number of people who love to be always on their toes. But with the pandemic still around, it is essential for such travellers to remain equipped and prepared to be safe and healthy. A traveller has to carry a number of items while they are on the go but with the pandemic around, there are a few more essentials that they need to carry around. Here are a few essentials that a traveller needs to carry.

1. Hand sanitizer – Although all public places are equipped with hand sanitizers, but when you are travelling it is wise to remain equipped and carry a small bottle of sanitizer along. You can sanitize immediately after you touch some of the public door handles and random door knobs which could be infected.

2. Disposable plates and cutlery – While you are always on the go, you might not always get a place to dine at a table. Under such circumstances, you might have packaged food and disposable plates and cutlery could come handy. Make sure they are biodegradable and do no harm to the environment.

3. A flash light – Never forget to carry a flash light during unexpected times. There are flash lights that are available in compact designs and are also water-proof, skid-proof and anti-abrasive. These can be handy when you are searching for something in your stuffed rucksack in the dark.

4. Disposable toilet seat covers/toilet seat spray – when you are on the go, you will have to depend on the public toilets, which could be a breeding place for the coronavirus. Always carry disposable toilet seat covers or a toilet seat sanitizer spray to remain safe and hygienic.

5. Shoe cover – It is a must have while you are travelling. Shoe covers allows you to pack your shoes in to your travel bag, even if they are soiled.

Photo Credits: Pixabay