Nestle to launch vegan KitKat bar

Nestle made an official announcement that it will be launching vegan KitKat bar upon public demand


Swiss based multinational giant Nestle is all set to introduce a vegan KitKat bar. It is expected to be the first chocolate bar from a big brand to be 100 percent vegan. The official announcement was made through a press release that was posted on the website. The announcement by the website also noted that the fresh launch will be an effort to encourage people to accept plant-based diet.

A representative from Nestle said that the taste was the actual important factor that they considered when the plant-based chocolate was in development. The representative added that they made use of their expertise in terms of ingredients and also made use of the test and learn approach that helped to create a vegan alternative in front of the original KitKat chocolate. However, this is not the first time a company is offering vegan options. Products like Twizzlers and Sour Patch Kids are the vegan options.

Not many are aware that making vegan chocolate products is not easy and has been challenging for the companies who make it as most of them have milk in it. Dark chocolate can be easier for making vegan products but some of the big brands like Lindt are not vegan. People across the social media had constantly requested the company to launch a vegan KitKat. The confectionary head Alexander von Maillot in the press release added that he cannot wait for people to try the new KitKat. Maillot added that the new product is for those who want a little more of plant-based in their life.

It was in 2015 when the Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee had recommended for the first time that any diet or vegan diet that lowers the amount of animal products that a consumer eats or drinks has a low impact on the environment. People these days are more drawn towards opting vegan diet as it is healthy and also has a low impact on the environment.

Photo Credits: Pixabay