Woman dies post receiving COVID-19 vaccine at Cal Poly Pomona

Authorities claim that the death of the woman is not related to the COVID-19 vaccine that was administered to her


Ever since the COVID-19 vaccines by different companies have been rolled out, questions have been raised about its safety and credibility. A number of cases have been reported where the patients tested positive even after receiving both the shots of the Pfizer vaccine. But the recent report is even more disturbing. A 78 year old woman at Cal Poly Pomona died after she received the Pfizer vaccine. But officials have argued that her death is not related to the shot.

The woman had received her vaccine in the afternoon on February 12, 2021 and the officials had kept her observation. But soon she started to feel some discomfort and lost consciousness. The paramedics at the site immediately delivered aid to the woman but she could not be revived. Dr. Michael E. Morris, the physician at Kaiser Permanente’s Southern California’s COVID-19 vaccination program that run the site, said that the actual cause of death of the woman has not been determined and added that there were no signs of any severe allergic reactions.

The family of the woman had informed that she had a history of heart related problems. Meanwhile, her 57 year old husband has also received the vaccination and continues to urge people to get their vaccination. He added that he would be getting his second vaccination shot in the next few weeks. Kaiser, despite the incident, said that the site would continue to administer vaccines to people as long as the supplied remain available. Morris in a statement offered condolences to the family of the woman who died in the process.

This is not the first case of death after administering the COVID-19 vaccine. A number of such incidences have been reported from places across the globe. The administration of vaccines continues with an intension of getting the COVID-19 virus eradiated completely. For now the health workers and workers related to essential services are given the priority.

Photo Credits: Pixabay