Health benefits of having a foot massage

Foot massage can be done at the spa or can also be done by yourself

foot massage

Lifestyle these days has become demanding and at the end of a hectic day you might feel like treating yourself with some massage. Your feet is the part of the body that remains neglected most of the time and also does remains active. Since it is your feet that do most of the work, they also deserve some pampering and love. A foot massage is the best way you can treat your tired feet. You could spend some money or could also do it yourself. Here are a few benefits of giving yourself a foot massage.

1. Helps to reduce stress – While stress cannot be emitted completely from your life, a good foot massage can definitely help to reduce it. It makes you feel calm and relaxed as it reduces the stress hormones known as cortisol and increases the serotonin dopamine in the body.

2. Helps to have an improved sleep – There are a number of people who struggle to have a sound sleep in the night due to a number of factors. Having a detailed foot massage can do wonders to your sleep quality. You will not just have a sound sleep, but will also be able to wake up refreshed the next morning.

3. Helps with pain relief – The feet is a part of the body where most of the nerves in the body meet and are interconnected. A good foot massage can help you to get instant relief from any chronic pain or even illness. It is due to the fact that it increases the endorphins and provides relief while decreasing the pain.

4. Helps to improve balance – Getting a detailed foot massage helps to get stable footing and improves balance.

How to do it yourself –

Instead of spending a fortune at the spa and massage centres, you can also do it yourself. You just need a good essential oil and start massaging the flesh portion of the feet with your fingertips. You can begin from the heel and gradually progress towards the upper portion and toes.

Photo Credits: Pixabay