Things to keep in mind while talking to a cancer patient

While talking to a cancer patient, you need to take care about a few things

cancer patient

February 4 is World Cancer Day which is a global uniting initiative that is led by the Union For International Cancer Control. It is a way of raising awareness about the life-altering ad threatening disease that can happen to anyone. When a person is diagnosed with cancer there are a number of emotions and feelings that the person goes through. Under such a situation, people around the patient could be tongue tied as to what to say to them. Here are some of the things to keep in mind when you are interacting with a cancer patient .

1. Do not ask questions about the treatment – It is rude to be judgemental about the treatment and try to keep the conversation natural. You do not have to ask questions about the treatment, medicines or the chemotherapy as this will upset their mind and they might even feel intrusive.

2. Be a listener – Instead of being talkative, be a listener and allow them to open up. Encourage them to talk about their experience and you could also offer them some words of encouragement and also a helping hand.

3. Do not give lifestyle tips – When you are talking to a cancer patient, make sure that you don’t give any lifestyle tips. Do not try to preach and don’t force the person to remain positive and happy all the time. The person is already going through a lot. You need to respect their experience and emotions and offer a helping hand instead.

4. Keep the conversation light hearted – The person is surely going through a tough and a very sensitive time, so make sure to talk about normal and everyday things like social events, movies, or you could also talk about some pleasant things to keep them connected about the outside world.

5. Lift their spirits – The person diagnosed with cancer could also feel depressed and helpless. You can share a number of success stories about many people that can relieve them of the mental pressure.

Photo Credits: Pixabay