Ways to increase your physical activity while at home

physical activity

The coronavirus induced lockdown had forced a number of people to remain at home as a safety measure. Many people had to work from home as a safety measure and this led significant reduce in the physical activities. Lack of physical activity leads to a number of problems like, increase in weight and other related problems. Although it is tough to keep yourself active while being at home for the entire time, there are ways to lead an active life.

1. People who are living in an apartment can take the stairs and avoid the lift. This will help you to remain active and your body will also get some exercise.

2. After you have had a lunch, make sure that you avoid sitting on the couch and spend time with your mobile phone. You can go out for a walk that can help you to improve your digestion.

3. Do the cleaning yourself. Instead of depending on your house help, you can clean the house yourself. House hold chores also give you the much needed physical movement that can be counted in an activity.

4. People who are working from home need to make sure that they take regular breaks. You can go for a short ten minute walk or just stand in between and stretch your arms and legs. This will relieve the muscles from stiffness.

5. Another way of remaining active is to get up and reach the kitchen for a glass of water every hour instead of keeping a bottle filled with water by your side.

6. When you are out for shopping, make sure that you park your car at a distance from the store and take the opportunity to take a walk.

7. Dance your heart out as if no one is watching you. There cannot be a better exercise than dancing. If you are shy, you can shut yourself in a room, turn up the volume and dance your heart out.

Photo Credits: Pixabay