6 Unknown benefits of using a weighted blanket while sleeping

weighted blanket

A weighted blanket might not be a typical bed accessory that you might be used to or even prefer. But it has its own importance in psychiatry as well as therapy clinics for certain patients. Not many are aware of its benefits and is now also available outside of a clinical setting as well. From improving sleep patterns to treatment of certain sensory problems, it has a number of benefits. Here are a few benefits of sleeping in a weighted blanket.

1. Helps to reduce anxiety related insomnia – Cortisol is a stress hormone that is produced by the body when you feel stressed out. This could also lead to a number of sleepless nights which can make the condition worse. A weighted blanket stimulates the feel-good hormones known as dopamine that reduces the cortisol levels.

2. Feels like a hug – a heavy blanket makes you feel like you get a warm hug just like to get from a family member. Under such circumstances, the body releases oxytocins that reduces the blood pressure levels.

3. Reduces the conditions like Obsessive-compulsive disorder – Weighted blanket can be used by people who have been diagnosed with Obsessive-compulsive disorder. The serotonin levels go up due to the deep touch that comes from the weight.

4. Reduces the symptoms of restless leg syndrome – It has been described as a creepy and crawly feeling that runs up and down their leg in the night. This disturbs the sleep and a heavy blanket helps to press down the legs and provides some relief.

5. Improves mood – There are a number of people who feel dull and uneasy on some days and this could be due to the hormones. A heavy blanket helps to give a deep touch and pressure and helps to improve the mood.

6. Improves quality of sleep – People who suffer from insomnia can find a good night sleep with a heavy or weighted blanket.

Photo Credits: Pixabay