Benefits of clarified butter for skin and hair

clarified butter

Clarified butter has a number of health benefits and is great if it is consumed in moderation on an everyday basis. But not many are aware that it also great for the skin and hair and could be added to your beauty routine as well. Clarified butter is the fat that is obtained from cow’s milk. Fat is not expected to be healthy for the heart, but it does work in a great way for the skin and hair. Here are some of the benefits of clarified butter for the hair and skin.

1. Increases the shine of the hair – Clarified butter contains vitamin D and A that helps to restore the gloss as it begins by restoring the moisture. You just need to melt some of it till it is luke warm and apply it directly on dry hair. You can notice the difference in just two uses.

2. Can be used as oil for hair – There are a number of people who do not like to apply oil to the hair. Not many are aware that clarified butter can also be used to oil your hair. You just need two teaspoons of it to massage on the scalp and the hair length. It helps to reduce hair fall problems and can be left overnight to make it work like a deep conditioner.

3. Heals chapped lips – Clarified butter works wonders with chapped lips and can be used during the winter season. It works better than any of the lip balms available in the market. People who don’t want to apply lip balm for kids can replace it with clarified butter.

4. Heals dry skin – it can be massaged directly on the dry skin as it has antibacterial properties. It helps in regeneration of the skin and also adds to the gloss effect. It also prevents bacterial infection and reduces the pimples on the face.

5. Helps to reduce dark circles – The natural fat contains antioxidants and helps to deal with the dark circles. It is also helpful to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Photo Credits: Pixabay