5 Unknown benefits of drinking lemon tea

lemon tea

Lemon tea is not just tastier but is also a healthier version of the regular tea and also has a number of health benefits. Since it has lemon, it is obvious that it contains vitamin C that gives it a tangy and a unique taste along with the much needed boost. A cup of tea has the ability to soothe a sore throat and if you get the lemon version of it the benefits multiple. Here are some of the health benefits of tea that not many might be aware of.

1. Controls blood sugar levels – Lemons can modify the enzymes that are responsible for the blood sugar levels in the body. In case of high blood sugar levels, it can increase the blood sugar levels in the body. This means that it is beneficial for people who are prone to diabetes or are already having the disease.

2. Aids in weight loss – Lemon tea contains anti-oxidants that helps to improve the metabolism of the body and also flushes out the toxins. This helps to speed up the conversion of foods in to energy that ultimately aids in weight loss by flushing out the excess fat.

3. Aids in digestion – Lemon contains citric acid that helps to produce enzymes that aids digestion and also stimulates the liver. Drinking lemon tea on a regular basis will keep the digestion system in check.

4. Improves immunity – Since lemon tea is high on Vitamin C, the anti-oxidants, it improves the immunity levels and also protects the cells from damage. It also helps to regulate the blood pressure levels and protects from a number of diseases.

5. Improves heart health – Drinking lemon tea helps to improve the heart health. It contains plant flavonoids that helps to lower the cholesterol levels.

Tip – it is advisable to have green tea without sugar as it takes away a number of nutrients and might not be as beneficial as it can be.

Photo Credits: Pixabay