Tips and foods that contribute towards anti-ageing

Anti-ageing is something that a number of people are becoming conscious about


Ageing is a very natural process that cannot be avoided but the process can be slowed down. It shows in a number of ways and the first thing that becomes visible is the skin. The market has a number of anti-ageing creams that can help to a certain extent. But apart from the external factors, it is also important to treat the body from inside to slow down the process. Certain foods can be beneficial for the body and helps to delay or reduce the occurrence of wrinkles on the skin. Here are a few foods and tips that can be consumed and followed.

1. Avoid sugar – Sugar is the first culprit that leads to ageing and also leads to a loss of collagen that is responsible for fastening the ageing process. It is one of the manor reasons why the firmness of the skin is lost and makes you look older. Due to this it is best to skip foods that contain high levels of sugar and you can replace them with fruits or jaggery.

2. Include foods that contain vitamin C – Vitamin C is one of the main components that slows the ageing process. Oranges, lemon and fresh salads contain plenty of vitamin C and can be great for breakfast. You could also include fruits like kiwi and tomatoes on an everyday basis. The vitamin generates skin elasticity and gives it a supple look.

3. Include honey in diet – Honey is sweetener that is close to the nature and can be consumed with your every day meals. It can be had with yoghurt or with hot water and lemon in the morning. It leaves your skin with a flawless glow.

4. Say no to smoking – Although it is easier to be said than done, but one cannot deny the fact that smoking has the most adverse effects on the body. It makes you look much older and also bad for your overall health.

Photo Credits: Pixabay