5 Health related resolutions to take this New Year

This New Year give preference to your health and everything else will follow automatically

New Year

New Year has to be about a resolution. It could be about your overall progress, life, your family and more but the one that should be on top of your list is health. Health is an asset that keeps you going an if you don’t have that asset, you will not be able to achieve anything else. Here are a few health related resolutions that you would like to take this New Year 2021.

1. Nourish the body – Treat and nourish your body with not just healthy food but with pure and clean water. Fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds are vital for the body and water helps to break all this down and digest everything. Do not be obsessed with unhealthy and unprocessed food.

2. Avoid stress – While stress cannot be avoided completely, you can find ways to unwind and give yourself some time by meditating and spending some alone time relaxing. There is nothing like siting at peace with a hot cup of coffee while enjoying the fresh breeze outside.

3. Get enough sleep – Your sleep works like a recharge for the body. If you don’t get enough sleep then you might not have enough energy to sustain for the rest of the day. Having ample sleep also helps to give a good immune system for the body.

4. Say no toxic food – There are a number of things like processed food and alcohol that do not do any good for the body. While it is OK to indulge in your favourite comfort food once, but doing it regularly will take a toll on your body at some point.

5. Remain active – Sitting at a place for a longer time will make your body rigid and inflexible. Set realistic targets for the body and try to achieve higher goals every time you achieve a smaller goal.

6. Invest in yourself – never be guilty to invest or spend money in yourself. It is OK to spend while pampering yourself on some clothes or some luxury items once in a white.

Photo Credits: Pixabay