5 Easy ways to get rid of phone addiction

Phone addiction is a common problem but a few tricks and tips can be used to get rid of it


Phone addiction is something that a number of people might be unknowingly suffering from. Although for some it might not be a very serious problem, but for some it might not be healthy at all. In this age of technology and advancement, a number of people are often distracted towards such devices that affects the professional as well as personal lives. But the good news is that there are a few easy ways to deal and actually break your addiction to phones. Here are a few ways you can follow.

1. Turn off notifications on your smartphone – Notifications make a small noise in the smartphone that notifies about the incoming messages from a number of applications. Keep them off till you are working and later on you can turn it on once you have finished with your day’s work.

2. Do not pick up your phone as soon as you wake up – A number of people have such a habit, which can make things worse. Make it a habit of waking up in the morning and do some meditation and workout.

3. Don’t keep your phone near the bed – The night time is when you would be tempted to checkout your phone if you are not able to fall asleep. Try keeping it in another room or away from your bed so you cannot easily reach it.

4. Get rid of all the distracting apps – Some of the apps that could be distracting could also be games that you often indulge in. Get rid of them as they are never productive and could even affect your efficiency.

5. Make use of useful applications – There are a number of applications that actually help to keep a check on your screen time and will also help to limit your usage of phone. Such applications are free to use and will help you drastically to get rid of your addiction to phones.

Photo Credits: Pixabay