5 Easy ways to get a digital detox

A digital detox is essential for every individual to have a relaxed frame of mind

digital detox

Keeping up with the latest technology is important in a number of ways as it also determines the progress and pace. But sometimes it is also important to temporarily get rid of the smartphones and other devices around you when you realize that it is starting to take a toll on you. Although different methods work for different people, but there are a few basic methods that could be called as standard. Here are a few ways you can give yourself a digital detox.

1. Limit your time – You can set a time limit for using the technology by setting tech-free hours. You can stay away from your phones during meals and also when you are spending quality time with your family members. Follow the regime like religion.

2. Use your phone with a purpose – Pick up your phone only when it is urgent or only when you have an important call to make. Many of us tend to use your smartphone even for just leisure and you might even not realize how much time your social networking apps have consumed without your knowledge.

3. Maintain physical boundaries – if you are not able to resist having your phone, you can put away your phone during working hours completely in a box/drawer/cabinet. In this way you will not be tempted to pick up your phone when you are working or are spending time with family.

4. Go traditional – Those were the days when it was only non-digital media like newspapers, novels and magazines that were available for entertainment and spending time. Indulge in this media again and enjoy the peace of the environment.

5. Make use of some of the features on your smartphone – Many of the smartphones have some interesting features like you can turn off the notifications of some of the apps that could disturb you when you are working or are somewhere else where you don’t want to pick up your smartphone. Bring those features to work and get yourself a digital detox.

Photo Credits: Pixabay