5 Fun ideas to celebrate New Year’s Eve virtually

New Year’s Eve is different this time due to the pandemic but it can be made fun with a few virtual ideas as well

New Year's Eve

The year 2020 has not been a regular year and has fallen hard on a number of people and businesses. As the year ends, celebration of New Year’s Eve has also become a question mark. With the pandemic it is even not recommended to gather with friends and family members and put them all at risk. But the good news is that technology these days has progressed a lot and there are ways to still be in touch with your family and friends in a different way. Here are some fun ideas you can celebrate New Year’s Eve virtually.

1. Watch a movie – This one is an all-time hit idea and can never go wrong. You can invite some of your closest friends over and make some delicious snacks together along with a yummy cup of hot chocolate. Pick your favourite film of your choice and enjoy the company of your close friends in the best way possible.

2. Have a virtual countdown – Invite your friends and family on a video call and have a fun conversation together. Just when the clock is about to strike 12, you can begin the countdown together and make the moment extra special.

3. Have a virtual theme party – Who days you need to be in pajamas for a virtual party. You can always dress up and organize a virtual theme party considering safety in mind. Participants can make their favourite snacks at their respective homes and come together for a virtual theme party at a decided time.

4. Virtual Game – This New Year’s Eve you can also organize a virtual game night. There are a number of apps like House Party that helps to bring the family and friends together and play games that are on the app.

5. Play virtual housie – Housie is a game that can be enjoyed by all at any time. It is also possible to do it virtually. Just one person needs to be the host to conduct the game.

Photo Credits: Pixabay