5 Myths that are related to mental health

Mental health is very misunderstood in the society and a few myths needed to be addressed

mental health

The pandemic has put a toll on a number of sectors as well as individuals as the lockdowns that were implemented across the globe had affected a number of people economically. There are still a number of people who continue to struggle and recover from the crisis. Under such circumstances, mental health becomes a cause of concern for many. Despite the fact that a number of people are helping to create awareness about the cause, but there are still a number of myths that are associated to it. Here are a few myths that are related to mental health and need to be addressed.

1. People who are lonely are affected mentally – A number of people believe that when someone has friends they cannot be lonely and cannot suffer from depression. But that is not true as there are a number of people who fear that they would be judged of they speak their heart out in front of their friends.

2. People can just get out of it instantly if they want – This is not true as mental illness is like any infection that affects the brain and requires a proper treatment. It could be with the help of medication or therapy or even both.

3. Mental illness is not treatable – Here things need to be two sided – The person who is getting treated and the person who wishes to treat. Mental illness can be treated just like any other disease like diabetes or any other heart disease.

4. People with mental illness have to be sent to the mental asylum – This is so not true as most of the people have less severe mental illness and they do not have to be admitted to the asylum. A person is sent to the asylum, only when they are capable of self-harm or could harm others.

5. People with mental illness seek attention – The fact is that people with mental illness wish that they are also heard and understood but they are often misunderstood.

Photo Credits: Pixabay