5 Useful tips to keep in mind while giving bath to an infant

Giving bath to an infant is important and one has to be extra careful while handling them


One has to be very careful when it comes to giving a new born baby a bath. They don’t just have a delicate skin, but also have an unstiff neck. One needs to be really careful while handling an infant. You need to have the right technique and need to be extra careful and gentle. Here are a few tips that can be considered before you get down to give your infant a bath.

1. Delay bath – A new born baby should not be given a bath unless they are at least a few days old or at least until they are covered in vernix. It is a wax like substance that works like a protective layer on the baby from germs. One should also wait till the piece of the umbilical cord falls of naturally. This is when you can give your baby a bath.

2. Begin with a sponge bath – Instead of pouring water directly. You can begin with a sponge bath. You can begin with the legs first and then gently move towards the diaper area, stomach, neck and then the head. It is the safest way as the baby does not have to get soaked in water completely. Use just warm water.

3. Give a bath in a warm environment – Make sure that the room is not cold and has humidifiers or a gentle heater so that the baby does not get cold.

4. Give a proper position – The baby needs to have a proper position or it might end up having a sore neck or develop stiffness.

5. Pat dry the baby – After bath, it is recommended to gently pat dry the baby with a fresh and a soft towel. The head needs to be wiped properly and make sure that all the moisture is wiped so the baby does not catch cold.

Tip – If you are not confident of handling an infant, it is recommended to call a midwife or a nurse who can also teach you how to handle a newborn and how to give them a bath.

Photo Credits: Pixabay