United Airlines to start collecting contact tracing information from passengers

United Airlines is making the contact tracing efforts in order to stop the spread of the coronavirus

contact tracing

An announcement has been made by the United Airlines that is related to the latest measure in terms of the health and safety protocol. The airline has joined hands with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Together the firms will begin a contact tracing program that is going to be voluntary in nature for the passengers who are arriving from the International flights.

The news from the United Airlines has come after a similar report came from Delta Airlines which has also announced about its program that has been partnered with CDC. It has also started a voluntary contract tracing for the passengers who are entering the United States from International localities. Toby Enqvist, the Chief Customer Officer at the United Airlines said that taking some of the initiatives like contact tracing and testing are going to play a major role to contain or stop the spread of the coronavirus, which is one of the biggest problems in the world at present.

Enqvist added that the United Airlines would continue to support CDC with such initiatives to help contain the virus in every possible way. From December 17, 2020 the passengers who check in for the International Flights to the United States will be asked to provide some important information voluntarily. It will include their name, phone numbers, email addresses and the address where they will be staying after arrival. In the upcoming weeks, the voluntary process will also begin for the passengers who are checking in the domestic and international travel from the U.S. as well.

The new data collection effort is expected to be the airline sector’s most efficient and reliable contact information collection program till date. While Delta and the United will be collecting the information, it will have to provide information to the CDC so that the local health departments will be able to contact or inform people of potential contact with an infected passenger.

Photo Credits: Pixabay