How different countries celebrate Christmas

Christmas is celebrated across the globe and different countries have different ways of celebration


December is the Christmas month which is one of the grand festivals that is celebrated across the globe. Different countries celebrate the winter festival with different traditions. While some have different traditions, some even have a different date to celebrate Christmas. Here is how the festival is celebrated in different parts of the country.

1. Christmas in Italy – Santa Clause is known as Babbo Natale here who gives presents to children . Here the gift exchange program is done on January 6, 2020 and is known as the Day of Epiphany.

2. In France – In this country, the festival begins on December 6 which marks the St. Nicholas Day. On this day children are given sweets gifts and chocolates. People decorate a  tree, exchange gifts, organize family picnics and more.

3. In Germany – The festival in this European country marks setting up of festive markets in the town squares. The celebrations in this country begins on December 24, 2020.

4. In England – This is the country when people start decorating their Christmas tree from the mid of November. Apart from the tree wit ornaments the entire house is decorated with different ornaments. On December 26, friends and family visit each other to exchange gifts.

5. In Portugal – Christmas here is celebrated on December 24. Houses are decorated by setting nativity scenes and people exchange gifts to mark the festival and spread love. Christmas markets are very popular here.

6. In Australia – It is summer during Christmas in Australia. People sing carols, go out for family picnics and usually hit the beaches due to the weather.

7. In Norway – Santa Clause here is called as the Julenisse. The Norwegian Santa Clause gives gifts to the children on December 24, 2020. Here the festival is called as Jul and people wish each other by saying God Jul that translates to Merry Christmas.

8. In Brazil – People in Brazil celebrate this festival for the entire month of December. Decoration of trees, fireworks and gifts exchange is some of the common activities.

Photo Credits: Pixabay