6 Instant tips to calm down when you feel overwhelmed

There are ways you can deal with anxiety and when you are feeling overwhelmed


The world is a different and an exciting place to live where people often feel overwhelmed and anxious. You could blame it all on the kind of lifestyle many people have adopted these days. Humans tend to become workaholics while they strive to meet their ends. The work culture never comes without the stress and anxiety. But your body needs to have a balance between mental, emotional and spiritual quotient. Here are a few easy ways or habits that you can adopt to avoid feeling overwhelmed and anxious.

1. Deep breathing – This is the ultimate trick and remedy as it helps to calm you down. Deep breathing helps you to bring down your hyper nerves and leaves your body relaxed.

2. Listen to music – Music works like a therapy. You need to isolate yourself alone in a room, lie down on a couch or your bed and listen to some music that you like. It is a way that makes you feel better about yourself and also makes you feel light headed.

3. Be aware – A number of times things could become even more anxious when you don’t accept that you are actually anxious. Try to recognize and accept the situation that you are in and that will help you to get some valuable solutions.

4. Track your anxiousness – Make sure that you track down about the reason that is making your over whelmed and anxious. If you are able to identify about the source, try to block it right away.

5. Digital detox – Treat yourself with some digital detox by switching off or isolating yourself from social media or if possible your smartphone and other devices that constantly catch your attention.

6. Get yourself moving – Make sure that you catch up some exercise in the morning. You can do any activity that makes you feel happy. If you don’t like to hit the gym, you can dance your heart out. This helps to release the stress hormones and makes you calm.

Photo Credits: Pixabay