Common myths related to make-up you should be aware of

There are a set of myths that are related to the proper application of make-up products


A number of women across the globe depend on make-up products. Make-up for many is an everyday routine. But not everyone is aware of the proper use of the infinite number of products that are available in the market. For instance, people who have an oily skin need to follow a different make-up routine while people with dry skin need a different procedure. Here are a few myths related to make-up that you should be aware of.

1. Foundation is essential during summer – The fact is that it is not necessary to wear a foundation during the day time. Just some compact powder can be sufficient. Foundation helps to reduce the oily look on the skin and gives a smooth texture.

2. Use a foundation lighter than the skin color to look fairer – Now this could lead to a make-up blunder and make you look unnatural. It is advisable to use a foundation color which is very close to your skin tone. It will make it look natural.

3. Powder reduces oiliness on the skin – It does work, but too much of powder should not be applied. Excess powder should be brushed off with the help of a cotton wool. More powder on the skin can make your skin look patchy and uneven as perspiration can settle the powder at a place to make it a patch.

4. Moisturizer should be applied before applying foundation – This should be done only if the skin is from normal to dry. For normal to oily skin, you can apply some astringent or a skin tonic and wait for a few minutes before the foundation is applied.

5. Concealers help blemishes – The fact is that blemishes work only to make the blemishes lighter. Instead you can pick a foundation which is one shade lighter than your skin tone and pat it down. Do not try to spread it and wait for a few minutes before you can apply the normal foundation.

Photo Credits: Pixabay