5 Healthy carbs that can be consumed by men for weight loss

Men need to consume healthy carbs in order to lose weight the best possible way


A number of people consider carbs as not good for health. But the fact is that they are also essential for maintaining good health. The body needs to have a proper balance of healthy carbs along with other nutrients. Men have a different body build with a rough skin and sometimes a bugger body stature. Their consumption needs are different when compared to women. When it comes to weight loss, men need to consume a few carbs which are healthy and can contribute towards their weight loss. Here are a few carbs which should be consumed by men for a healthy weight loss process.

1. Apples – Apples are considered as a super food and has a number of nutrients that includes carbohydrates and fibre. They are best to reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes. Apples contain anti-oxidants and protect from damage that is done by free radicals.

2. Brown rice – It is a healthy option and a substitute for regular white rice and is packed with plenty of fibre. Brown rice keeps you full and satiated for a longer time and is a much heakthy option for the white rice.

3. Kidney beans – Kidney beans are loaded with protein, which is just right for men who want to increase their muscle mass. They also help to regulate the blood sugar levels. Kidney beans can be cooked in curries or could be added to salads.

4. Black beans – Black beans are rich in vitamin B6, fibre and follate which is great for the gut health. It helps to reduce constipation problems and keeps the digestion in check. They can be included in the diet and could help reduce weight.

5. Fruits – Some of the fruits like mangoes, grapes, sweet potatoes and pineapples are also rich in healthy carbs and make a great fuel for men who are trying to lose some weight.

Note: Healthy carbs help to keep up the energy levels of the body but should not be consumed in excess.

Photo Credits: Pixabay