5 Effective ways you can spend maximum time with family at home

Spending ample and quality time with family at home is important to have harmony in life


One of the major problems that family faces is lack of time people spend with the family. Not many are aware of the importance of remaining connected with the family especially children during their growing years. It is essential for a child’s mental and emotional health and is also essential for the healthy relationship with your spouse. People, especially parents who are not able to spend quality time with their families here are a few tips and ways you can increase your intimate time with your loved ones.

1. Get along while doing the house hold chores – Instead of assigning people with different house hold chores, get along and become a team. Do it together so that the work gets completed in less time and also brings the family members together. For instance, cleaning the house can be fun when the family gets together.

2. Have at least one meal together – As a family, if you are not able to get together for all the meals, make sure that the family gets together for at least one meal in the day. This is a time when your loved ones can open up about things going on and share about their updates and happenings.

3. Have a no-gadget policy during meals – Meal time should be private and no gadgets should be allowed during this time at least. You can spend the whole day with the phones or other gadgets, but the meal time should be a time that you must dedicate with the family members.

4. Do yoga together – You can decide on a time to workout or do yoga together. It will not just keep you fit, but will also help to bond with each other while keeping fit.

5. Help children with their homework – Spend some time with your children if not playing, you can help them with their homework. Ask them about their day with friends and allow them tp open up with you.

Photo Credits: Pixabay