6 Baking mistakes that should be avoided

Baking is a skill and the bakers need to be careful about a few things when they are in action


The festival season is here and it is time for many people to bring out their baking skills to use. Baking is surely a fun process and brings together the family as the sweet flavor spreads throughout the house. The process might not be rocket science, but a number of people unknowingly commit a few mistakes while baking. This season make sure that you avoid the below mentioned mistakes to get those cakes and cookies baked to perfection.

1. Mixing too much – You surely need to bring on your mixing skills to make the dough fluffy and airy. But too much of mixing is not recommended as the ingredients just need to be incorporated properly.

2. Not pre-heating the oven – The oven need to be pre-heated, before you push in the cakes in to it. If you skip this process, the cake will not rise properly. In case of cakes, they need to be pre-heated to 180 degrees for at least 5 minutes.

3. Opening the oven too often – You need to be patient while baking a cake. Opening the oven too often might take out all the heat that is trapped inside. Your cake might end up fall flat instead of rising up.

4. Temperature of the ingredients that you are using – All the ingredients that you are using need to come to the room temperature. If you hurry up, then things might not go as planned and might ruin your recipe. Make sure that you don’t hurry in this process.

5. Not allowing the cake to cool down – After the cake has been baked, it needs to remain inside the oven for an additional ten minutes to cool down. If you hurry up, then the cake might fall down flat and not give you the desired results.

6. Not seaving the dry ingredients – The dry ingredients like the self-rising flour, baking powder and cocoa powder need to be seaved together so they are mixed properly. If this step is skipped, you might find patches of baking powder in the cake of cookies.

Photo Credits: Pixabay