5 Cooking hacks for those who love to experiment with food

Cooking hacks that all the cooking enthusiasts and non-enthusiasts should be aware of


Not everyone is fond of cooking. But people who do are divided in to two categories – first ones are those who like to experiment with out of the box flavours and the second ones are those who just like to cook for their loved ones and like to spend time in the kitchen. Although it does not matter for what you are cooking, a few hacks will only help to improve your culinary skills and would make your food taste better. Here are a few hacks that can come handy while you are spending some time in the kitchen.

1. Avoid constant stirring – Food is all about flavours. You need to let the goodness of the ingredients gel with each other without being disturbed. It is wise to resist from constant stirring so that the actual flavors come out in the best way possible.

2. Cook pasta with the sauce – After boiling the pasta in salt water for a few minutes, instead of straining it, put it directly in to the sauce after taking it out of the water. The pasta will absorb all the flavors deep within.

3. Keep you chopping board sturdy – If you want to chop your vegetables properly, your chopping board needs to be sturdy. Keep a wet towel below the chopping board as it will help with the sturdiness.

4. Do not throw away the stock – After boiling the vegetables or pasta, do not throw away the stock. They can be used to make a flavorful gravy or can also be put in to the plants for their nutrition.

5. Everything in its place – Before you begin cooking anything, make sure that you gather all the ingredients together. You can also assemble all the chopped vegetables on a plate and bring together all the ingredients so that you don’t forget anything in the last minute. This will also help you to ensure that you have all the essential ingredients at home or you might need to run to the grocery store while cooking.

Photo Credits: Pixabay