4 Important tips to take care of your baby’s skin during winter

Winter is a time when the baby’s skin also dries out and needs special care


Winter is a season that falls harsh on everyone’s skin and hair. The skin of babies is already sensitive and delicate and during the winter season they need some extra care. Just like an adult’s skin, even baby’s skin can become flaky and dry. Since winter comes with dryness, lack of moisture in the skin can lead to dryness. Even babies can be prone to dry skin and here are a few essential winter tips for the baby’s skin.

1. Aloe vera gel – It is best to go natural and not use any of the harsh chemical based products in the market. You can easily grow an aloe vera plant in a pot at home and use natural leaves on the skin. The gel can be mixed with coconut oil and be stored for about a week. The mixture can be applied on the face and skin.

2. Give an oil massage – Babies need to be given oil massage everyday. During the winter season, warm up some coconut oil and give your baby a good pampering massage. This not just improves the skin condition but also helps to improve the blood flow to keep the skin glowing. It is wise to massage with baby massage oil.

3. Use a humidifier – Winter is a time when heaters are used extensively to get rid of the extreme weather conditions at home. But these heaters tend to dehydrate the skin and fall harsh on the baby’s skin as well. It is wise to use a humidifier as it restores the moisture in the atmosphere and also keeps the skin of the baby soft and supple.

4. Use a gentle soap – Babies have a gentle skin so you need to use a soap that is gentle and away from any kind of harsh chemicals. During the winter, make sure to reduce the bath time and do not keep the baby soaked in water for a longer time.

Photo Credits: Pixabay