5 Foods that promote hair growth of babies during pregnancy

Babies grow hair when they are inside the womb and consumption of a few foods can promote hair growth during pregnancy


Did you know that the hair of the baby begins to grow inside the womb during the 14 and the 15th week of pregnancy? This happens in two phases – shedding and then growing. After the birth of the child, there are no new follicles. Hair growth also needs nutrition during pregnancy. Nutrition is not just for the growth of the baby, but also for the overall development during pregnancy. For those who want their baby to have thick and strong hair, here are a few foods that all the expecting women can consume during those crucial nine months.

1. Fish – Although one has to be careful as some of the species might have levels of mercury that could be harmful. But otherwise they are filled with omega 3 fatty acids which help to improve the hair growth. You can first consult your dietician and gynecologist before consuming fish.

2. Eggs – Eggs should be a staple for a pregnant woman. They provide all the essential nutrients that the would-be mother should get along with the baby. Eggs can be eaten on an everyday basis during breakfast.

3. Nuts – Nuts are the most healthy option when it comes to snacks. They have a number of benefits and is highly recommended during pregnancy. Walnuts, cashew nuts, raisins, almonds and pistachios are high on nutrient value and have all the essential nutrients for the baby’s hair.

4. Avocado – This fruit is a staple for Americans on their morning toasts. They are loaded with Vitamin B and E which are essential for healthy growth of hair. This also helps in recovering the hair loss after pregnancy. Avocados can be included in the diet of pregnant women.

5. Sweet potatoes – Another healthy vegetable that has vitamin A and Beta-carotene that is great to promote the healthy hair growth in babies.

Apart from the above foods, pregnant women need to have a healthy and a balanced diet for a healthy development and progress of the baby.

Photo Credits: Pixabay